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I am back to the office and already miss the magical St. Ives and Norfolk beaches, but not the seagulls!!! Lovely experience! Having fun while studying and seeing fantastic places! The course was adapted to my needs. Martina was friendly and patient and helped me with my English, and with the organization, including accommodation.


Filippo Zagni, Cremona, Italy


Filippo, my very first language student in 2013. :-)


I spent 3 weeks learning English with Martina in St. Ives - great place, great surf and fantastic teacher that really makes you feel at home! It's so beautiful there and Martina takes you to all the best places and you meet loads of nice people too. Loved it and shall never forget it!

Ruta Dagilyte, Cologne, Germany


'Martina was an invaluable help in the editing of my text for the book 'Gyre'. Supportive and easy to work with'


Andy Hughes

An environmental campaign by artists and scientists on plastic gyres filling the world's oceans.

Gyre: The Plastic Ocean

by Booth-Clibborn Editions

(Hardback, 2014)

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Meeting our then mayor - better known as Mr. COLENSO - is Claudia Strobl from Munich - on a two-week Business English course with englishplus in March 2014.

I enjoyed helping Andy edit his text for this book. The plastics waste problem is one of the biggest problems mankind is facing today and is very close to my heart.

See my own research from 2007: Make Haste NOT Waste (Green Dot).