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Gull Gull

So, go and broaden your horizon with an Englishplus holiday course that is tailored to suit your needs!

Ludwig Wittgenstein


PCs and the internet, TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, beaches & the great outdoors, arts & crafts, restaurants, shops.


Topics covered: As agreed with you.


What you get:

Indivdiual classes - one week 5 x 2 hours plus extra contact time sight-seeing, walking and talking, cooking together etc..

Conversation is key here. We brush up on the grammar as we go along. Find out what it's like to live in England and meet local people. This is a very sociable course based on learning by doing and on sharing experiences - all done in the most beautiful and safe environment. Obviously, these are special times, so staying safe is the most important thing. Bring a washable mask or two! I have the sanitizer. And lots of soap. ;-)


Some of the things you'll be doing when 'learning by doing':

watch a TV programme or the News and discuss or compare it with your country's. Write a letter. Go shell seeking & beach cleaning and enjoy the beautiful Cornish countryside, go shopping in the supermarket. Go for Cream Tea. Walk along the coastal paths. Get a private tour of the Tate Gallery St Ives and the Barbara Hepworth Museum. Walk along the dunes towards Godrevy Lighthouse and see the seal colony. Make a beautiful shell frame.  

One-to-One * Just you! £550

Two-to-One * Two of you! £750

Booked together by 2 people from the same household!!

Micro Group Workshop not presently available! Normally, you'd need to book with 3 to 4 people! (minimum 3 people or £750). Lessons only.

The limits of my language are the limits of my world

incl. room & breakfast!



Due to COVID19, to make a restart affordable, all prices include homestay accommodation in 2020, so include lessons, room and breakfast. First come, first served, so book early!

Your English Tutor              by the Sea


You want only lessons and not accommodation?

£350 for one person or £450 for 2 (from the same household)!


Email [email protected] or call +44  7792166502