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Campaigning since 2007 against plastic waste! 


...and since 2018 we have a dedicated instagram account to raise awareness and effect behavioural change - both from the bottom up and from the top down.

Gull Gull



UK waste management  &  recycling problems.


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Below is an example of my  research into the way the UK's waste management is operated. I compared and contrasted it with the Green Dot system, which is widely operated in other EU member states. I wrote the report in 2007, but in 2017, a decade later, a report compiled by the government's Environmental Audit Committee, echoed my findings and recommendations almost to the word.


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Green Dot vs UK PRN System


research article:

Make Haste, Stop Waste

since 2018


as wastefreeseas


Daily posts try to visualise and  verbalise what we are doing to this planet and how we can possibly turn this lethal tide of plastic waste and climate change around before it's too late.


What you see here informs a lot of what you can expect to be discussing during an English Environmental Workshop course with Englishplus. Let's learn from each other - how are things done where you live?

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