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I came to St. Ives in 1987, after working for one year in London, and straight away was inspired by the abundance of creativity here.

I quickly started to draw and paint myself, which eventually led me to study for a BTEC in Art & Design, followed by a degree in Visual Culture from Falmouth University. This degree  course meant no more painting - now it was all about critically analysing anything visual, which doubled up nicely as a degree in English. Killing two birds with one stone, as they say. Since graduating I have worked in Education, the Arts sector, in Graphic Design and in Communications, until taking the plunge and becoming self-employed in 2005.


I am originally from Wuppertal in  Germany. Living in the UK and waste are my passion.


Come and join me for a week or two...


Since 2013 I have also been running English language classes.


Living by the sea in St Ives, Cornwall

'Life in the UK' - since 1986. Tried-and-tested. 

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Gull Gull Gull

Lately, I am again heavily campaigning against overpackaging and plastic waste and have decided to let this inform one of my courses. I hope the Eco BootCamp will prove to be most popular, as it provides rich teaching material that covers all areas of life, and right now is the perfect conversation starter. It shows you care. Plus, in a group of 4, this is the most cost-effective of all the courses for young learners. Ideal for students studying ecology, sustainable design or any other environment or communications-related degree.

Not content resting on my laurels, I have just published a 120-page strong photobook called THE SNOW BOOK.


As the title suggests, it's all about snow and snow-capped mountains, taken over three winter seasons while working as a seasonnaire in Les Trois Vallées, Méribel, French Alpes.


Available through ETSY for £19 (free pp).



Winter wonderland photographer

                      Les Trois Vallées, Méribel - Rhone Alpes


View over the rooftops of St. Ives

from the Tate Café